CRΞW Semester start 24

We greatly appreciate if you want to join as CRΞW during this years semester start!

This is a good opportunity to help students kickstart the new schoolyear!

As CRΞW, you will be assigned shifts to work. As far as possible, we will divide the days into multiple shifts, so that you as CRΞW won’t have to work for many hours. We will also ensure that those of you who are CRΞW get food while you are on duty.

 We look forward to have you as a part of our CRΞW ! 🧡


Benefits as CRΞW during the stemester start:

    •  Free membership at Vestfold Studentsamfunn during the autumn semester 2024.
    • Free tickets to the events during the semester start.
    • Work certificate.
    • Food during the shifts.
    • Lots of new and exciting relations!
    • An exclusive party for CRΞW.

      Our expectations

      What do we expect of you?

        •  That you work the shifts that are assigned to you.
        • That you meet rested and sober for the shifts.
        • That you bring lots of good vibes and atmosphere!