Get the opportunity to expand your network and contribute to ensuring everyone has the best possible student experience at USN Campus Vestfold! In addition to this, you'll gain work experience and several great benefits. Some of the roles you can contribute to as a volunteer include working at the bar, assisting with setup, technical crew, and security.*

We do not require any prior experience; everyone will receive the necessary training needed to perform their tasks. It's also perfectly fine to ask for assistance or further training along the way.

Benefits as a volunteer

  • Lower prices on events
  • Volunteer certificate from us
  • Exclusive events for volunteers
  • The opportunity to gain new experiences
  • Bigger social network and new friends
  • Security guard training course (for those working in security)

The only commitment you make is to volunteer three times per semester at HUSΞT.

*As a security guard, you are required to work at 10 of HUSΞT’s events.

Fill out the form if you're interested! If you have any questions about being a volunteer, you can contact us at [email protected], or send us a message on messenger.

All volunteers must sign a volunteer-contract. Those who sign up as security guards must sign a security guard contract and complete and pass a security guard training course. More information will follow.

Sign up as a volunteer!

*Security guard duty entails completing and passing a two-day security guard training course. More information about this will be provided.